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Attention Points for Tires Storage

Attention Points for Tires Storage

1.       Tires should be stored in dry warehouse and kept from direct sunlight. It’s not advisable to store in much too airy places. The temperature in the warehouse should be controlled between -10 and +30, and the relative humidity should be between 50%-80%, Also the warehouse shouldn’t be near to generating equipment or other ozone generating place for preventing from oxidization.

2.       Tires should be placed one meter away from heat source. It is not allowed to place tires together with oil, inflammable objects, acid, alkali and other chemical objects.

3.       The external tires or wrapped tires in set should be placed vertical on the frames. Regularly change the pivot point, at least once three months.

4.       When tyres are stored in sets, they should be slightly in flated. Meanwhile, apply some powder on the surface of the inner tubes.

5.       To store the inner tubes specifically, they should e on the inflated condition and hung on half circular shelves. And the fulcrum should be changed regularly to avoid tyre deformation and chapping.

6.       Wrapped tires should be stored with packages.

7.       The tyres should be stored in batches according to the production. And we should use them by tum.